Introducing you the Greek brand REGALS, ‘’offering lavishly gold-plated jewelry inspired from the Mediterranean feminine beauty.’’
Our brand is highly influenced by Greek and Italian style, that creates delicate jewelry for affordable prices, that never seem to fade or tarnish.
The collection offers a generation of high quality, demi-fine jewelry, layered with two coats of 18K solid gold, including Vintage 90’s rings, chunky hoop earrings and necklaces, as well as stones inspired from ancient temples of Greece.
Every piece has a distinctive personal feel, bridging the gap between luxury and affordability with long-lasting and water- resistant materials.
But what makes the brand tick?
Definitely the eternal love for the Muses of our lives, the curves and contours of the feminine body, the dedication of creating timeless jewelry, embellishing your skin in every adventure, creating memories with you.


Our first thought of the brand came last year in 2020. For years we had the need to express our love and passion for the women we had around us in our daily life. We've been working and surrounded by wonderful personalities in the fashion industry, met so many powerful females and got great inspiration from them.
The decision to create a jewellery brand came after many discussions with friends and family, that many women are struggling to find reasonable prices for jewellery that aren't fading or tarnish, jewellery they can wear under water in the sea, during the shower or exercise without minding that they must take them off. 
It was a great opportunity to gather all of our resources and design the perfect jewellery collection, despite the difficult times we are going through during the pandemic. So, here, in a small office in Athens, Greece, we started to dream and visualise timeless pieces that suit perfectly in every woman, and collect the most charming jewels for every occasion during the day!


Our jewellery is made by stainless-steel with a double coat of 18K solid gold, especially made to wear them underwater without fading or tarnishing. 
 We procured nickel and lead free stainless steel, which is a very durable material, created by chromium ( a composition that prevents the iron from rusting) and titanium, without causing any allergy or harm to people or the environment. Despite being affordable in relation to other materials such as sterling silver or gold, stainless steel doesn't look cheap at all! 
Having stainless steel jewellery in your collection has numerous pros such as wearing them every day and keep doing your heavy duty tasks without worrying about damaging your favourite ring or necklace. The material is ageing well, that means that stainless steel is resistive to scratches, corrosion, heat or other signs of ageing. 






   Our brand celebrates love in the most caring way, by creating a new campaign called  ‘’YOU’RE MY FAVORITE COLOR’’. 
   Through this campaign we embrace equal rights for all regardless  of sexuality or gender and regularly pay homage to the LGBTQ+ community. We seek to support and spread awareness as an ode to diversity and inclusivity, by praising all types of body and beauty as well as every type of love.
   It is important for us, our creations to lead in a genderless variety for all, and every piece of our collection to be a minimal statement for everyone.


Love all your colors and make a difference

As the REGALS family, we have decided to support and spread awareness about associations and organizations that make a real impact in our life.

About InterPride

InterPride is the international association for organizers of Pride events around the world. Their member organizations are dedicated to producing Pride parades, marches, festivals, and events for the global Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, and other (LGBTQI+) communities.

InterPride was founded in 1982 and is a not-for-profit organization incorporated in the United States. They represent the global Pride movement of over 1,200 organizations. It’s a membership-based organization with more than 400 active members from over 80 countries.

They partner with other international, regional, and national LGBTQI+ associations and other Human Rights organizations to facilitate social change for LGBTQI+ people around the world. Each year, InterPride, its partners, and its members reach millions of people worldwide through in-person events, mainstream media, and social media.



About Athens Pride

Athens Pride has been in operation since 2006 and is a not-for-profit company. Its primary goal is the organization of the annual Athens Pride Festival and the Pride Parade. In addition, Athens Pride holds cultural, social and political events throughout the year, either on its own or in collaboration with other organizations.

Since 2005 Athens Pride has been the biggest celebration of the LGBTQI + community. The purpose of Athens Pride is to maximize the visibility of LGBT people in Greek society, and in this way to promote and evolve their rights and claims. Athens Pride, through its Volunteer Program, contributes to the awareness and support of LGBT youth.

Athens Pride provides a free public platform for all LGBTQI community organizations, with the aim of promoting their goals, actions, and specific demands. This platform also includes human rights NGOs and civil society, political parties as well as affiliated cultural groups.



Support InterPride & Athens Pride